Key Golf Takes On Maintenance & Agronomy Programs At Siena Golf Club And Makes Dramatic Improvements

Siena Golf Club Hole #1 September 2013 - Prior To Key Golf Siena Golf Club Hole #1 July 2014 - 10 Months Later Siena Golf Club Hole #1 September 2013 - Prior To Key Golf Siena Golf Club Hole #1 July 2014 - 10 Months Later
Siena Golf Club Hole #1 September 2013 - Prior To Key Golf

Siena Golf Club is located in the Southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley and has some of the valleys most scenic views found on any course in Las Vegas. With that being said there is no doubt in why this course has been such a popular place for local and tourist play.

Prior to Key Golf, Siena Golf Club had been experiencing substantial turf loss throughout the entire course each year which was directly affecting the bottom line for the Operator. Although the course was extremely scenic, golfers were experiencing poor playing conditions, not returning and the reviews of the course… Well, they were not always positive. Take for example the first photo above. The photo was taken in September of 2013, one month before Key Golf started maintaining this course. The photo is of hole #1 at Siena and is what a golfer would see when teeing off from their first hole of the day.

Sights like this were becoming common throughout the course which not only affected player return rates, but was also increasing the cost to maintain the turf. And, in some areas, turf was being regularly replaced.

In September of 2013, Key Golf was contacted to assess the course, along with Arroyo and the Red Rock Country Club. The objective was to to assess the current operations, find areas that could be improved, develop comprehensive agronomy & maintenance programs that would bring luster back to this course.

Key Golf did just that and was awarded the contracted for maintenance services in October of 2013. Key Golf began implementing its agronomy and maintenance programs for Siena Golf Club, Arroyo Golf Course and Red Rock Country Club immediately. The results have been astounding. Some guests of the Siena Golf Club have even called it a “Re-Birth” of the golf course!


One of the main challenges of maintaining any course in the Las Vegas Valley is growing “Cool Season” Perineal Rye Grass in a warm environment, like Las Vegas. Key Golf has “mastered” this process. Key Golf knows what products to use, when to use them, and fully understands how to maintain this variety of grass year round.

Las Vegas is also in the heart of the Mojave desert so limited amounts of water are available. Each golf course in Las Vegas has to abide by strict water budgeting rules or pay hefty fines. Key Golf has extensive experience in managing strict water budgets for golf courses and making best use of the little water that is available.

Poor water conditions, poor soil conditions, and construction problems that had gone un-attended to were also challenges that Key Golf needed to overcome.

Key Golf’s Approach

How did we do it?

You may be wondering how Key Golf was able to make such dramatic improvements with this course in less than 10 months time? Its simple really, Key Golf did not waste any time. They got in and immediately started fixing items that were causing problems and implementing new policies and procedures that were beneficial to the health and growth of the turf.

Highlights of what was done:

  • Verticut fairways to remove dead thatch and organic matter
  • Core Airify fairways in multiple directions to open up the soil
  • Added seed when necessary (Winter / Spring)
  • Applied surfactants to aid in soil penetration
  • Adjusted the agronomy program and schedule
  • Improved the quality of affluent water being used

Benefits To Customer

There are numerous benefits that have resulted from what Key Golf has been able to do. Most notably is the condition of the course today. Players are now returning and giving positive reviews. Budgets are set, and met, which is allowing the course Operator to enjoy some profit while benefiting from the fixed cost of its maintenance. Key Golf has essentially delivered a better product while reducing the overall overhead for the maintenance of the course.

Benefits To Golfer’s

Golfer’s now have pristine Rye Grass to play on year round. Golfer’s can enjoy the vast scenery of the Las Vegas Valley while they enjoy the play of their game. Having grass without dead patches or dirt has also provided more consistent course conditions which is just another reason to come back!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Coy WoodGM, Las Vegas National Golf Club

    "Las Vegas National is a 50-year old course that needed a lot of work. Key Golf has drastically improved the course conditions and our guests are regularly commenting how much better the course is, which is generating repeat business. With Key Golf here we were able to do all the construction and renovation projects in-house at cost.”

  • Eric DuttVice President - Caesars Entertainment

    “Key Golf has enabled me to improve the condition of Rio Secco and Cascata for less expense than we were spending before and they understand the “Business of Golf”. They are willing to adjust their maintenance schedules to let me capitalize on peak time periods.”

  • John ManniLoon Golf Resort

    “Key Golf was brought to the Loon Golf Course to do an overall assessment of our maintenance operations and provide suggestions on improvements to the course. Their expertise is a large part of why our 2010 business is up more than 30% over last year. ”

  • Dan StangerRainmaker Golf Club

    “Key Golf and their construction staff were hired by Bridge Partners Group to construct Rainmaker Golf Club. Their attention to construction detail has carried over to the maintenance of the golf course. “I know that the playing conditions of the course will always meet the expectations of our members and guests.”

  • Christopher Cain, M.S., PGADirector, UNLV PGA Golf Management

    ” Our students have the unique opportunity to play and practice on some of the most well maintained golf courses in the country. Key Golf maintains many of the facilities our students receive access to; providing exposure to the best practices of golf course maintenance. It is clear from Key Golf’s participation on our National Advisory Board and seminar instruction our students will leave UNLV with a greater appreciation for golf course maintenance. ”

  • Butch HarmonButch Harmon School of Golf

    "Key Golf does a great job of keeping my golf school at Rio Secco in the condition appropriate for my students, both amateurs attending my golf schools and the world class professionals I work with."

  • Tony LenzieDirector of Golf / GM, Siena Golf Club

    "Key Golf has proven to be a tremendous asset since starting with Siena Golf Club as our agronomy experts. I have seen them transform Siena’s golf conditions in a very short period of time.

    They have a wealth of knowledge in agronomy and a keen eye for details. The detail work they have performed really shows. I have received numerous comments from our regulars at Siena on how happy they are with our golf course conditions.

    Key Golf and their managers are very flexible with our golf management staff when it comes to last minute things and special requests.

    We couldn’t be happier so far with Key Golf."

  • Gerry MontielRed Rock Country Club

    "Key golf management came into our operation at a crucial time when the course and greens were in dire need of repair. In a few short months they were able to turn it into the premier golf course it was intended to be. We are excited to see the improvements they are capable of in the years to come."

  • Leo A. SimonettaDirector of Golf Operations - Wigwam Golf Club

    I have had the opportunity to work with Key Golf on many different projects over the course of my career. We recently had a situation at our golf club where we required immediate assistance and a change in leadership in order to put our golf courses onto the correct path. Key Golf was able to quickly come in and access our situation, implement new scheduling of our golf course programming, and help us to devise a course of action for future growth. The improvement seen was swift and we had many comments from our members and guests on how quickly our conditions were able to improve. In addition to these accomplishments, Key Golf was also able to help us identify a well qualified candidate for our Golf Course Superintendent position that has proven to be a great hire.

    I highly recommend Key Golf Managements outstanding Golf Maintenance services both professionally and personally.

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