Prestigious Cascata Golf Club Trusts Its’ Golf Course Maintenance To Key Golf

Cascata Golf Course in Boulder City, NV

It is no surprise that Cascata Golf Club rates among the very best golf experiences in the Las Vegas area. It starts with the first-class service and the stunning clubhouse, which actually has a stream running through the middle of it. But the exclamation point of a day of golf at Cascata is the golf course. Every hole is its own stage – no homes alongside the fairways, no views of other holes on the course. And the major difference at Cascata is the consistent condition of the course from start to finish.

The real surprise is that owners have trusted the course maintenance to an outside company – Key Golf Maintenance. It speaks volumes about the expertise delivered by Key Golf.

“We inherited a veritable diamond when we took over the maintenance of Cascata 10 months ago,” said Key Golf CEO, Mark Doble. “What we did was to polish a few rough edges and add our own personal touches: if anyone ever finds a gum wrapper on the golf course, you can res assured that it is neatly tied and folded. “Any maintenance company can mow fairways and greens, rake the sand traps and roll the greens,” continued Doble. “It’s the attention that we pay to the small details that sets us apart from the others. We are proud to be a part of the Caesar’s Entertainment family of golf courses and can say that without any reservations, that Cascata is among the finest golf courses in the entire country.”

Key Golf Maintenance also handles course maintenance for two other Vegas area courses Rio Secco Golf Club and Las Vegas National. With courses of that stature in its portfolio, it is a sure bet Key Golf, a relatively new player in the golf course maintenance outsourcing business, will be growing quickly.

“Key Golf has enabled me to improve the condition of Rio Secco and Cascata, while expending considerably less money,’ said Eric Dutt, Vice President of Caesar’s Entertainment Golf. “One cost cutting scenario is that with Key, any renovations to the golf courses are now made in-house by them. In the past I had to contract with an outside company to make any renovations. That company would charge me for materials, labor and tack on their mark-up of 25-50%. With Key I know my fixed costs in advance, and there are no add-ons.

“The total cost savings that Key has provided for me takes away some of the pressure of having to generate more rounds to hit our revenue numbers,” added Dutt. Designed by renowned golf course architect Rees Jones, Cascata opened in 2000 and is already celebrated as one of the finest designs in the world. Only 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Cascata is the ultimate in privacy, luxury and uncompromising service. From the moment you arrive our accommodating staff is there to ensure you have an unforgettable day. Few places on Earth offer such extravagance. Cascata has been ranked a top 100 course on virtually every course ranking list.

Cascata, Italian for “waterfall,” is aptly named. A 418-foot waterfall flows from the steep mountainside, tumbling over mammoth boulders, cascading into a river that roars through the clubhouse, eventually culminating in a tranquil stream. It’s no wonder Sports Illustrated calle Cascata “golf’s hidden treasure.”

Key Golf is expanding its’ golf course maintenance company throughout the southwestern United States. You can contact Key Golf for more information.

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